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Instructors at Katzin Music

Katzin Music offers quality instruction for guitar, electric bass, stand-up bass, mandolin, banjo, violin, fiddle, viola, cello, and a slew of other instruments.

We gladly welcome all ages and skill levels for private lessons. Pricing is determined by individual instructors. Please browse through our listing of instructors here or call (970) 259-2211 to schedule today.

Your teacher has given us their lesson policies as stated below. Please read both Katzin Music's general policy and your teacher's policy.

Stringed Instruments

Dr. Katherine Jetter - Cello
Dr. Katherine Jetter has been a private teacher with Katzin Music since 2001, and is traditional & Suzuki certified. She specializes in classical techniques and incorporates other styles based on student interests. A Professor of Music at Fort Lewis College with her Doctorate of Music from Florida State University, Dr. Jetter performs with the San Juan Symphony, Music in the Mountains, and the Red Shoe Trio. She recorded two albums with her band, Formula 151, and was selected by the Manhattan String Quartet for an intensive workshop in the summer of 2014.
Additional Lesson Policies:
1. In the event that Dr. Jetter is unable to teach on a lesson day, she will offer optional make-up lessons.
2. Dr. Jetter has the option to drop a student who misses an excessive number of lessons so that she may teach others on her waiting list.
3. Please knock on the studio door when it is your scheduled lesson time.
Hannah Howard - Fiddle & Suzuki Violin
Hannah grew up playing bluegrass, old-time and Celtic fiddle. She has been teaching fiddle and violin since 2005 and joined Katzin Music in 2009, where she provides high quality private fiddle and violin instruction. Group lessons are an integral part of her program. Hannah is a registered Suzuki violin instructor with the SAA in Books 1 and 2, and is continuing her studies as a music performance major at Fort Lewis College. Hannah was a Music in the Mountains Conservatory student, studied bluegrass fiddle with Matt Palmer of the Bar D Wranglers, and studied classical and jazz violin with Kasia Sokol Borup, Nathan Lambert and Jeff Solon at FLC. Currently, Hannah is studying under Dr. Maurice Sklar, a graduate of Juliard and world-renowned violinist. Hannah co-directs the beginning orchestra program at Bayfield Elementary School with Lech Usinowicz, and teaches a Pre-Twinkle Suzuki program at the Be Frank Foundation. When not teaching, she performs regularly with her band, Heart of Fire.
Hannah's Lesson Policies:
Please contact Hannah Howard directly regarding her studio policies, lesson scheduling, and payments at: hannahrayhoward@gmail.com.
Rusty Charpentier - Violin, Viola, Fiddle, Upright Bass
Rusty teaches violin, viola, and bass in the styles of classical, bluegrass, and jazz. He has been an active member of the music community in the Four Corners since his graduation from Fort Lewis College in 2012. He teaches choir at Bayfield Elementary School, strings at the Durango Chamber Music Academy and The BEFRANK Foundation. He teaches full time as the orchestra instructor at Escalante Middle School. Rusty also helps coordinate the annual Music in the Mountains Extravaganza. His Escalante orchestra earned the Gold Medal at the Music in the Parks Festival in Denver in 2014. In addition to his education experience, Rusty also performs regularly with the bluegrass group, Running Out Of Road.
Terry Double - Guitar, Mandolin, Mandocello, Uke, Tenor Banjo
Terry has been a private instructor of acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, and mandolin at Katzin Music since 1993. He studied classical guitar at the University of New Mexico from 1977-1981 and has taught at Fort Lewis College and Pueblo Community College. He also has 15 years of experience teaching students with learning disabilities. Terry is on the Board of Directors for the Durango Celtic Festival. He has participated in the traditional Irish music session at the Irish Embassy Pub on Sundays since 2009.
Richard White - Guitar, Bass Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele
Richard has been a consistent private teacher here since 1980, only one year after Katzin Music opened. He received his Bachelor's degree from Berklee College of Music with an emphasis in both classical and jazz composition in 1978. In his professional music pursuits throughout the years, he has had the opportunity to open for such acts as Al di Meola, 38 Special, and Kansas. He teaches guitar, banjo, mandolin, and bass guitar in a plethora of styles from jazz to rock to classical; he also teaches a variety of world instruments, including the sitar and charango. Richard also specializes in teaching music theory, composition, and music arrangement. Currently, Richard is also the guitar instructor at Fort Lewis College, where he has taught classes since 1984.
Additional Lesson Policies:
1. Group lessons are $32 for two people per half hour.
Jim Harvey - Ukulele
Jim has been playing the guitar for over 50 years and the ukulele since 1999. He has enjoyed teaching primarily beginning and intermediate ukulele in a number of styles at Katzin Music since 2012. Previously, Jim performed with the local band Missionary Ridge. Currently, he has been the guitar player for the Sugar Creek Bluegrass Band, based here in Durango, since 2010.
Bailey Barnes-Fagg - Ukulele
Bailey graduated from UNC Greeley with her B.A. in Music Education in 2010. Since 2014, she has been teaching K-5 general music at Animas Valley Elementary and is a ukulele instructor at Stillwater Music. In the Fall of 2016 she started the Stillwater Adaptive Orchestra for Adults with Disabilities. Bailey is active in the 4 Corners American Orff Association and the Durango 9R Arts Curriculum Council. Since traveling throughout the Americas, Bailey has cultivated a passion for latin music and cultures; she is also fluent in Spanish. Here in Durango, you can find Bailey performing solo with her ukulele at coffee shops, senior living facilities, and other venues!
Additional Lesson Policies:
1. Lessons are: $25 per half hour per student.
Kevin Bell - Viola, Violin
Mr. Bell has been with Katzin Music as an instructor of viola, violin, and voice since 2014. He teaches all levels of classical music for students of any age. Mr. Bell student-taught at Farmington Municipal Schools and received his Bachelor's degree in Music Education from Fort Lewis College in 2013. He has been a private teacher since 2010, and is a viola coach and section viola with the San Juan Symphony. Kevin performs and volunteers every summer during the Music in the Mountains festival in Durango.
Emily Hunstman - Violin
Katzin Music welcomed Emily to our teaching staff as a violin instructor in 2016. Since moving to Durango in 2014 to pursue her B.A. in music from Fort Lewis College, Emily has performed in both the Fort Lewis College Chamber Orchestra and the San Juan Symphony. Through the BEFRANK Foundation, Emily has also been co-teaching at elementary schools in the 9R School District.
Jamie Olinger - Guitar
Jamie has been a teacher at Katzin Music since the fall of 2014. A Durango native, he attended Fort Lewis College where he studied classical guitar under Louis Steele and jazz under the instruction of Jeff Solon and Richard White. During his time in school, Jamie also performed with the Fort Lewis College Jazz Ensemble and numerous small combos. He also participated in several brief tours with recruiting ensembles for the college. In addition to his academic accomplishments, he has also studied jazz, improvisation, and theory for the last ten years under the private instruction of Katzin Music veteran instructor Richard White. Jamie teaches a variety of styles ranging from jazz, classical, rock, and blues, as well as concepts in theory and improvisation.
Rebekah Soued - Violin
Rebekah has been teaching classical violin privately since 2012, and has been at Katzin Music since 2015. Originally from the Denver area, she played with the Colorado Youth Symphony Orchestra followed by the Evergreen Chamber Orchestra. Since moving to Silverton in 2013, she has played professionally with numerous groups, including the . Becky started an extra-curricular music program at Silverton Public Schools in 2014. She has her Certificate in General Music Studies from Berklee College of Music Online, and attends Fort Lewis College as a Violin Performance major. In the fall of 2015, Becky joined the San Juan Symphony. For more information, please see her website.
Lars Ribbens - Cello
Darren Stroud - Electric Guitar

Wind Instruments

Jeff Solon - Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Harmonica
Jeff has been teaching at Katzin Music since 1988, and at Fort Lewis College since 2006. He teaches saxophone, clarinet, harmonica, and flute. In addition, he teaches jazz theory, composition, and arranging. His accomplishments include writing original compositions for the DHS Jazz Band, directing the Jeff Solon Swinging Big Band, and teaching numerous master classes and workshops. Jeff received the Distinguished Alumni Award for the School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at FLC in 2011. In 2014, he released his 15th recording, "Alchemy," of all original compositions, and he continues to play locally in various ensembles. For more information, visit his website.
Kayla Mohlman - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Kayla earned her degree from Olivet College, where she was the concertmaster and principal clarinetist for two years and instrumentalist of the year in 2006. After college, Kayla moved to the Southwest, where, from 2007-2010, she taught numerous ensembles in the Farmington Municipal Schools. She then taught middle school beginning, intermediate, advanced, jazz, and marching bands in the Central Consolidated Schools. Kayla joined Katzin Music in 2014, where she teaches beginning and intermediate clarinet and bass clarinet, as well as beginning trombone. Currently, Kayla has been the principal clarinetist for the San Juan College Orchestra since 2011, and the Southwest Civic Winds since 2013.
Jared Wright - Trumpet, French Horn, Low Brass
Jared teaches private lessons in all brass instruments at Katzin Music & Studios. He studied music at Fort Lewis College. Integrating a broad range of musical styles, including jazz, funk, blues, and Latin, he enjoys teaching and performing with students from all backgrounds. Jared has been the choir director at First United Methodist Church of Durango since 2014, and performs with Southwest Civic Winds, a community concert band.
Diann Cates - Flute
Diann Cates began her music studies at the University of Maryland studying under Dr. William Montgomery. She later spent four years studying with world renowned flutist, Lois Schaefer, whose performance career includes positions in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, New York Opera Orchestra and the Boston Pops. Diann was Principal Flutist of the Scottsdale Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Music in the Mountains Festival founder and conductor laureate, Dr. Mischa Semanitsky. She is also former Principal Flutist of the Musica Nova Orchestra in Phoenix and performed as a guest flutist with the United States Navy Band while in Maryland. Diann completed her B.A. in Music Performance at Fort Lewis College in 2016 and is a certified Suzuki Flute Method instructor. She has taught private lessons for many years with students of all ages. Diann currently performs with the Southwest Civic Winds.


Ryan McCurry - Piano
Ryan has been teaching piano, keyboard, and organ at Katzin Music since 2003. He received his degree in Classical Piano Performance from Fort Lewis College in 2005. Ryan also teaches an adult contemporary band, "Soul What" at Stillwater Music. He enjoys playing and teaching many genres, including jazz, funk, country, classical, contemporary, and ragtime. Ryan is a solo artist and performs with such local acts as the High Rollers, The Durango FUNK Allstars, Sky Pilot, and Robby Overfield & the Breaks.
Jack Maynes - Piano
Jack teaches all styles on the piano and keyboard at Katzin Music, and has been here since 2008. He received his degree in Jazz Studies at Fort Lewis College in 2011 after playing in the FLC Big Band since 2008. Jack plays regularly with numerous bands in the area, including Robby Overfield & the Breaks. He has performed at the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad Event Park for The Great Pumpkin Patch since 2015.
Additional Lesson Policies:
1. Jack teaches students over the age of 7.
Susan Merrill - Piano
A Katzin Music piano and voice teacher since 1991, Susan teaches piano fundamentals to beginning through early advanced students. She teaches a wide variety of styles. Along with expression, theory, and technique, Susan helps interested students explore composition. She offers opportunities for student performance and workshops through the Four Corners Music Teachers Association and Four Corners Orff associations. In 2014, Susan taught at the 4CMTA Summer Music Academy. Susan received her B.A. in speech and drama from Trinity University, San Antonio.
Caprice Fox - Piano
Sheryl Jones - Piano


Bill LaShell - Percussion
Bill LaShell attended Fort Lewis College where he performed with numerous ensembles including the Woodwork Mallet Ensemble, Select Wind Ensemble, and Brass Ensemble. He received a B.A. in Music Education from FLC in 2004. Since then, he has taught general music, choir, band, and orchestra in the public schools. He joined Katzin Music in 2015. Currently, he directs the San Juan Symphony Junior Orchestra. Bill performed with the Music in the Mountains festival orchestra from 2003 to 2010, and has performed as a timpanist and percussionist with the San Juan Symphony. Bill has been a featured guest artist for many ensembles in the area, including the Durango Choral Society and and Durango Women's Choir. Most recently, he has performed with the Southwest Civic Winds and the Kissmah Brass Ensemble.


Susan Merrill - Voice
Susan has applied her Whole Body Singing Approach to Broadway, Folk, Bluegrass, Classical, and a variety of popular styles; she also teaches Grow Your Voice adult vocal workshops. Building confidence and a sense of fun are central to Susan's method. A Katzin music voice and piano instructor since 1991, Susan works with beginning through professional-level vocalists. Susan studied speech, drama, speech therapy, and music at Trinity University, and continued her studies in Germany and Korea. Her most recent performance was "Wheel of Song- A Singing Journal".
Jill Holly - Voice, Songwriting
Jill began at Katzin Music as a voice, guitar, songwriting, and piano instructor from 1999-2002 and returned in 2011. She is versed in a variety of vocal styles including contemporary, Broadway, classical, and singer/songwriter styles. Jill taught at the McNally Smith College of Music and was nominated for "Who's Who in America's Teachers." She also was a finalist in the Big Top Chautauqua Songwriting Contest in 2011. For two decades, Jill has toured internationally as a recording artist. Visit Jill's website for more information and to listen to some of her music.
Additional Lesson Policies:
1. Students under the age of 10 must audition prior to commencing lessons with Jill.
2. Jill reserves the right to drop a student who misses an excessive number of lessons so that she may teach others on the waiting list.
Kevin Bell - Voice
Mr. Bell has been with Katzin Music as an instructor of voice, viola, and violin since 2014. He specializes in teaching classical technique and Broadway to his vocal students. Mr. Bell student-taught at Farmington Municipal Schools and received his Bachelor's degree in Music Education from Fort Lewis College in 2013. He has been a private teacher since 2010, and has directed a number of choirs over the last several years. In 2013, Mr. Bell was a guest conductor for the Fort Lewis College Concert Choir.
Bailey Barnes-Fagg - Voice
Bailey is a classically trained vocalist and music teacher. She graduated from UNC Greeley with her B.A. in Music Education in 2010. Since 2014, she has been teaching K-5 general music at Animas Valley Elementary, and she is an instructor of A capella and ukulele at Stillwater Music. In the Fall of 2016 she started the Stillwater Adaptive Orchestra for Adults with Disabilities. Bailey serves as the Vice President of the Four Corners Chapter American Orff Schulwerk Association and is a member of the Durango 9R Arts Curriculum Council. The main focus of her vocal training is classical technique; however, she is versed in contemporary, musical theater, choral and singer/songwriter styles. As a solo artist, she sings and plays ukulele regularly in and around Durango. As a choral vocalist, she spent two summers touring Europe as with the German opera company, Opera Classica Europa.
Additional Lesson Policies:
1. Lessons are: $25 per half hour per student.
Caprice Fox - Voice
Sheryl Jones - Voice